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Womens Clothing - What To Buy On Sale

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2011-06-14 -

It's 'Sale' time and everyone is offering discounts on Winter stock - so it's a great time to go shopping, but with so much product out there, sales can be confusing, and a lot of people tend to shop 'badly'.  The urgency of a sale puts us under pressure to shop quickly - let's face it - if you don't buy it today - it's probably not going to be there tomorrow.  Sale stock is always limited, especially limited size ranges, so here's some tips on how to shop quickly and successfully in the sales:

Go for the classics:  you can never go wrong with classic shapes and timeless colours - they will always be in season - and you can confidently stock up and know you will be wearing your classics for years to come.  Classic shapes include crew necks, especially crew neck cardigans, V necks, and basic T shirts, leggings, tunics for layering.  The black jersey dress is always a classic, wardrobe staple.  Timeless colours - that are always in fashion include Greys (pale or dark)  Beige/Biscuit colours, and of course Black.

If in doubt - size up.  If you are concerned something is a bit small in fit - always go up a size.  Most fabrics and yarns shrink a tiny bit after washing.  Clothes always look better a bit looser, than too tight (with the exception of skinny fit jeans!).  Never buy shoes unless they are 100% comfortable.

Steer clear of fads.  Seasonal fashion fads are great for updating your wardrobe at the beginning of the season - however, you don't want to go buying these sorts of items at the end of the seaons - they are going to have a very short life span and will look dated within a few months, at the beginning of the new season.

Try something different.  Shopping on sale is a great opportunity to try something different.  I often hear women say - 'ooh I've never worn purple before' or 'oh I don't wear cardigans'.  Somtimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and try something new - and sales give you that extra incentive to give it a try and get out of the wardrobe doldrums!

Enjoy the sales and take advantage of the opportunity to shop at Joseph Saba's online sale @



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