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Womens Clothing - How to Make the Most of your Wardrobe

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2011-04-15 -

We were recently invited to a ball, which sounds like a lot of fun - but after pencilling the date in my diary, and booking a babysitter, my thoughts immediately turned to what to wear!  Joe and I are lucky to have plenty of choice when it comes to clothes, but we're not 'black tie' people - we don't frock up that often, and so dressing for a ball, in Winter, required some attention.

My wardrobe is bulging with clothes, much loved clothes - collected over many years of working in the rag trade - and every six months I make a point of doing a 'wardrobe audit' or what we call in retail 'changeover' (ie. changing from one season to another).  This sounds boring - but if you give your wardrobe a spring clean every six months, you'll find all sorts of things you'd forgotten you had; that leather skirt that's back in fashion, your good winter coat - and yes, it needs a dryclean! - and those classic black pants or white shirt you forgot you had. 

You'll also find a number of things that you need to toss out - clothes don't last forever - and there comes a time when we have to say goodbye to some of our treasures and buy replacements.  A friend of mine stored all her old SABA suits in a wardrobe and left them there for years - only to find them covered in mould.  My wardrobe gets dusty and I have to regularly dust the shoulders of my jackets.  We invest a lot of money in our clothes - so take the time to spend an hour at the change of seasons, to do a wardrobe audit.  Make sure all your knits and jersey are folded (never hung) and put your summer knits to the top of your wardrobe and bring your winter ones down.  You'll find plenty of pieces you can re-use, and then you'll have a better idea of what you need to buy for the season.  Make sure you have plenty of long sleeve T's, tunics and leggings for Winter layering and build from there.

Crew neck long sleeve T (easy fit)  Joseph Saba              3/4 sleeve wide V neck T               Long legging - Black  Joseph Saba           Long tunic T w long sleeves - Seagull  Joseph Saba

The bad news is I didn't find anything in my wardrobe suitable for the ball - but I did find a few other great pieces I'd forgotten about - and my wardrobe is now neat and tidy and freshly stocked with pest strips.  Now all I have to do is find a gorgeous dress for a winter ball!

Marita Saba


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